Welcome to West Plant Group

West Plant Group (WPG) is a company that specialises in cultivating cabbage, leek, herb and strawberry plants in trays. WPG is primarily an open-ground vegetable nursery for the professional market, which pays lots of attention to product development and product innovation. We are proud of the fact that WPG was the first plant nursery to produce individual press pots in growing containers and also introduced the tray as a growing container across Europe. WPG is based in Venlo, in the southernmost province of the Netherlands, Limburg.

For about half of its growing area, WPG uses ClimV greenhouses, or “cabrio” greenhouses. As a result, growers are provided with hardened plants; plants that are strong and grow well throughout the entire season. WPG considers the yield of its customers and is strong when it comes to looking at where the needs of growers really are.